AOS Bringing Improved Safety Solutions from Takeoff to Touchdown

AOS draws on the resources and 30+ years of experience in the respective fields of its two parent companies, Aircraft Belts, Incorporated. and Key Safety Systems, to focus on providing inflatable occupant protection solutions to the aviation market. The company was formed in 2012 to bring the most modern inflatable safety solutions ever conceived to the general and business class aviation marketplace.

Offering a multitude of solutions to satisfy 21st century safety requirements and expectations, AOS is bringing its decades of inflatable restraint and seat belt technology to an ever growing population of aviation travelers and crew.

Today’s luxury and corporate jet fleets offer passengers a variety of seating configurations. AOS offers a safety solution for each of them. With AOS, your safety is our only priority. General aviation owners and operators demand improved safety from their modern aircraft. AOS is teaming with aircraft and seat manufacturers worldwide to meet the needs and expectations of general aviation pilots and passengers. Flight crews spend a lot of time seated in their aircraft. They need not only the most current solutions for their safety, but they demand comfort and decreased interference from their seat belts and harnesses. AOS delivers.